About us

 About Chamonix Ten80

Chamonix Ten80 is a locally based company that specialis­es in managing properties and providing lifestyle services for property owners throughout the Chamonix valley.

For the last twelve years we have been offe­ring an ever-expanding range of services, made possible through our internal team, extensive contact list, partnerships and specialised local knowledge, all developed and refined over many years to fit your needs.

Why Ten80?

It takes time to manage your property administration, especially if you live abroad. Having someone locally based to be the bridge between you and the services you require allows you to actually enjoy your property.

Our in-resort team are ready and keen to reply to your every wish because of our vast experience in dealing with every type of request and situations. We only work with the finest craftsmen, electricians, plumbers, gardeners, spa maintenance companies etc in the valley who deliver outstanding quality of work and responsiveness.

Our "Chalet Managers" and full team, are at your disposal all year round: enthusiastic, experienced, qualified and eager to relieve you of the daily constraints so you can make the most of your property during your holidays.

We love what we do, offering a highly professional, helpful and friendly service paying specific attention to all the little details that make a huge difference.

As each season comes and goes, we anticipate the need for maintenance and upkeep as much as our knowledge of your property progresses.

We provide personalised and global services: maintaining, renting, selling of your property. In collaboration with our partners Ten80 Rentals Ltd and Pure Immobilier.

Whatever your objectives, we work on your project and help you find the best solution to achieve them whilst always respecting our principal mission, taking great care of your property.

Let us take care of your second home and help relieve you of all the hassle!


Who are we?

The principal Chamonix Ten80 team is made up of Peter, Laure, Annabelle, Elodie, Cherie and Simone.

Each of us are specialists in our own domains and share a passion for this valley. Our tri-lingual team is dedicated to help you experience the very best it has to offer.



Peter Vainer


Peter has lived in Chamonix since 1999, ever since bringing down the curtain on 10 years in the fashion industry with the first company he started Favourbrook. Favourbrook is still running strongly managed by his two partners Marina Wallrock and Oliver Spencer.
After a year of getting to know Chamonix he opened a lounge bar called l’Expedition with Laure Chatelard.
For all those who had the pleasure of spending some time there... Thank you for helping make it as good as it was.... And for all those who didn't, sorry we closed in 2004 from sheer exhaustion.
Peter established Chamonix Ten80 later in 2004 with Tim Welch and Alistair Slinn, a property management company that has continued to grow and is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of over 110 properties up and down the valley from which we have selected the properties on the Ten80 Holidays site.
Peter lives happily in Chamonix with Laure and his three children, genuinely loves his current job and sees looking after owners and guests as a culmination of everything he has learned so far in his varied and illustrious career.


Laure Chatelard

Account Manager

Apart from being Peter’s partner, Laure really is a major pillar within the company.
She used to work in press relations before deciding to settle down in Chamonix, where she always wanted to raise her beloved kids.
She knows the company inside and out having always adapted her skills to the growth of the company.
Today she handles all account matters and takes care of all the property owners.
Laure is reliable, trustworthy and will always give you the attention you need understanding the importance of your property.


Annabelle F.

Chalet manager - Concierge

Annabelle comes from Chambéry where she has spent most of her childhood.
For the last 7 years she has been studying business art management in Paris and worked at APCI as a well-known project manager.
Following her husband, she arrived in Chamonix in 2016 and quickly became part of our team.


Elodie B.

Chalet manager - Concierge

Elodie has always lived in a ski resort and she worked for more than 10 years as event manager.
She knows the valley of Chamonix very well and is here to organize all services that make a difference.


Rozy J.

Head of housekeeping

Rozy is from Chamonix and has been part of the Chamonix Ten80 team since September 2019 as Head of Housekeeping.
She has worked in the real estate business in Chamonix.
She puts her experience and skills at your service and ensures the impeccable work of her team.


Karolina P. 

Assistant head of housekeeping

Karolina is from Poland and has been part of the team for serveral years. 
She is assistant head housekeeper and in charge of the cleaning and maintaining our high standards in all our properties. 


Monica O. 

Assistant head of housekeeping

Monica is also from Poland and she is arrived in Chamonix a few years ago to enjoy mountains, skiing and hiking.
She has been part of the team for several years and knows very well all the properties.
As assistant head housekeeper with Karolina, she takes care
of the cleaning and maintaining our high standards in all our properties. 


Agata Z.


Agata is also from Poland and has a great love for the mountains.
She has been part of the Ten80 housekeeping team for several seasons, and is a familiar face for clients keeping the chalet clean and tidy.  


Simone B.


Simone is our proud and multi-talented Italian who has been with us since the very beginning.
Having built his own magnificent 3-bedroom chalet in Servoz says a lot about him, but trust us, he will always surprise you!
He takes care of your property as if it were his own, from security checks to fixing every broken thing…


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